Stainless steel surface finish


The material belongs to hot-rolled steel plates with a relatively rough surface and a thickness starting from 3.0T. It is often used in heat-resistant corrosion-resistant industries that do not require surface smoothness.

Applications include chemical tanks, equipment inner barrels, or other metal structural parts with high strength requirements.


After cold rolling, annealing, pickling or other similar processes, the material is further processed to make its surface bright and smooth.

Applications include medical equipment, food industry, building materials, kitchenware, and public goods.


After cold rolling, the material is subjected to heat treatment, resulting in a smooth and glossy surface with excellent surface finish.

Applications include kitchenware, household appliances, building materials, and decorative materials.



The surface, also known as hairline finish, is polished with abrasive materials of appropriate particle size to produce continuous and unidirectional stripes.

Applications include architectural decoration, elevator surfaces, and electronic products.



The surface is polished with 150-180 grit abrasive particles to produce a pattern of discontinuous stripes that are finer than those of No.3 finish.

Applications include medical equipment, building materials, and kitchenware.


This type of stainless steel is also known as mirror finish stainless steel. It is polished with fine 800 mesh abrasive particles to produce a surface with excellent glossiness, making it the surface with the highest reflectivity among almost all surfaces.

Applications include building facades, elevator facades, counter decoration projects, and sculptures.

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